Elite FB Connector

Why waste time with people who will never buy from you, when you can find, connect, and engage with TARGETED prospects AUTOMATICALLY?

Elite Connector adds targeted leads to your Facebook account on auto-pilot and starts the conversation to warm them up for you, hands-free! Spend Your Time ONLY On The People You Want To Connect With — No more time wasted on uninterested (or uninteresting) people who won’t buy from you… Get only the people who NEED and WANT what you offer!

Add Likeminded Friends Based Off Keywords

Why bother with family, friends, and people you went to school with who NEVER buy anything from you when you can add LIKEMINDED friends to your list that do BUY?

This is where it all starts. Think of the people who are most likely to buy what you are selling. Think of the keywords they’d use to identify themselves. Now use those same keywords to FIND your IDEAL person you would love to friend, and potentially do business with.

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1. Determine Your Ideal Customer

Think of the keywords they’d use to identify themselves, For example, are they people with a particular job title, like “CEO?” If so, you can tell Elite Connector you only want people who have “CEO” in their Facebook profile. Specify as many keywords as you want, for identifying your dream customer. Elite Connector uses these descriptives to separate the valuable buyers from the timewasters.

2. Find Their Hangouts And Connect With Them

Think about Facebook Groups your targeted customers would hang out in. Also think about who THEY follow, as well as what type of posts they’d comment on, including ads. Elite Connector slides through ANY Facebook group, ANY friend list, and ANY post/ad comments, requesting only those who are perfect matches. You, specify how many requests to send.

3. Start The Conversation To Warm Up Your Buyers

When each Friend Request goes out, Elite Connector can also kick out an accompanying Messenger message. You can set up individual messages or groups of messages for Elite Connector to pick from. You can even use the built-in Spintax function to vary your individual messages. Remember, you want to stay under the spam filter radar! These messages are gold for warming up your prospects. When they respond, you can take over from there and carry on the conversation.