Elite Post Disconnector

Automatically  UNFRIEND Non-Engagers And Increase Your Engagement Just By Clicking A Button!


Facebook Friend Disconnector

So, what does it actually do?

With Elite Disconnector you’ll be able to sync your friends, do engagement scans, and remove inactive friends. This will also help boost your engagement and organic reach.

Friend Disconnector really helps you by allowing you to easily remove your friends that DO NOT engage with your content. This means that your friends list will be packed with the people who actually engage with your content. So when you share content and Facebook pulls the first bucket of your friends, there’s a much higher chance that your friends will engage with your content causing Facebook to then get a larger bucket of your friends to show your post to, since your friends list is full of only people who actually engage with your content. This allows you to get maximum organic reach on your posts, which can directly result in more leads and sales for you.

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